International Peace Day Special: Happy Mind Yoga

8-11 years

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About the playshop

Join us for a fun Yoga practice as we learn to cultivate a calm and still mind to celebrate International Peace Day which falls on September 21st. In this session, kids will be guided through asanas and breathing exercises reinforced with a Yoga Story and guided visualisation. These skills can be tapped into in times of stress to find calmness and clarity.

  1. Emotional Skills - Kids learn about the significance of yoga as a tool to deal with stress and anxiety

  1. Physical Skills - This session will help kids improve flexibility, strength, and stamina

  1. Creative Skills - Kids undertake a creative exploration of yoga using stories and visualization

Playshop schedule
60 minutes
  • Introduction

    5 minutes

    Welcome and greetings

  • Warm-up

    10 minutes

    Breathing exercises and warm up

  • Yoga Asanas

    30 minutes

    Stress relieving asana practice

  • Guided Relaxation

    10 minutes

    Guided visualization that aids calm and stillness

  • Feedback

    5 minutes

    Facilitators and kids reflect on their learnings and take snapshots

Requirement - Laptop


Requirement - High speed internet

High speed internet

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Requirement - Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing

Requirement - Water bottle

Water bottle

Playshop Partner
Rohini Tanksale

Yoga Expert

Rohini is an experienced Kids' Yoga instructor who is also a Curriculum Designer at Crejo.Fun. She has completed 95 hours of Children's Yoga Teacher Training from Zenergy Yoga, Australia, and 200 hours of yoga training from Bengaluru. Her work revolves around developing holistic yoga learning journeys for kids, helping them look forward to a healthy and positive future. Rohini's Yoga sessions are meridian-based therapy sessions focussed on addressing specific health concerns like problems with the back, digestive issues, focus and attention span, asthma, colds, coughs, allergies, diabetes, and stress and anxiety in young learners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can my child join if the Zoom link is full?

As Zoom has an upper limit of 300 attendees, participation via Zoom takes place on a first come first serve basis. In case your child is unable to join via Zoom, you can participate via the live stream of the session on our YouTube channel:

What is a Playshop?

Playshops are short exploratory sessions that allow children to try their hands at different extracurricular activities to discover something that they love and find new interests to pursue.

How are Playshops priced?

All Playshops are currently free to attend!

What can my child learn in Playshop?

Playshops are offered in dance, arts & crafts, theatre, photography and much more. Please visit to see a list of upcoming Playshop sessions.

What does my child need to attend a Playshop?

A list of requirements for each Playshop can be viewed that Playshop's page. Further, the requirements for a specific Playshop will be communicated to you upon registration. However, the common requirement for all Playshops is a device(desktop, tablet or mobile phone) with a strong internet connection.