Speak Like a Pro with Divas Gupta

9-12 Years
About the playshop

Kids indulge in a Public Speaking session with Divas Gupta, where they learn to articulate their thoughts before delivering a speech. Kids also get to know about the fears of Public Speaking and learn secrets to overcome them.

  1. Intellectual Skills - Kids understand about what goes inside the mind of a Public Speaker

  1. Emotional Skills - Kids learn secrets to manage their fearful emotions while giving a speech

  1. Social Skills - Kids improve their social skills by learning to speak effectively in front of an audience

Playshop schedule
60 minutes
  • Introduction

    5 minutes

    Welcome & Greetings

  • Let's overcome our fears

    20 minutes

    Divas shares the reasons behind the fears of Public Speaking and the secrets to overcome them

  • Let's learn to deliver a speech

    20 minutes

    Divas helps the kids articulate their thoughts before they deliver a speech

  • Q&A with Divas

    15 minutes

    Kids indulge in a Q&A session with Divas and take snapshots

Requirement - Laptop


Requirement - High speed internet

High speed internet

Requirement - Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing

Requirement - Water bottle

Water bottle

Playshop Partner
Divas Gupta

Public Speaker

Divas Gupta is an IKIGAI Coach and India's Youngest Master Career Practitioner certified by CEAV Australia. He is an IIM Alumni and has also been a Tedx Speaker. With his public speaking skills and motivational speeches, Divas is in pursuit of helping a million individuals live a purposeful life. Divas works wholeheartedly, to enhance the communication skills of an individual and help them do their best in life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can my child join if the Zoom link is full?

As Zoom has an upper limit of 300 attendees, participation via Zoom takes place on a first come first serve basis. In case your child is unable to join via Zoom, you can participate via the live stream of the session on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CrejoFun

What is a Playshop?

Playshops are short exploratory sessions that allow children to try their hands at different extracurricular activities so that they discover something that they love and find new interests to pursue.

How are Playshops priced?

All Playshops are currently free to attend!

What can my child learn in Playshop?

Playshops are offered in dance, arts & crafts, theatre, photography and much more. Please visit https://www.crejo.fun/workshops/ to see a list of upcoming Playshop sessions.

What does my child need to attend a Playshop?

A list of requirements for each Playshop can be viewed on that Playshop's page. Further, the requirements for a specific Playshop will be communicated to you upon registration. However, the common requirement for all Playshops is a device(desktop, tablet or mobile phone) with a good and stable internet connection.