Become an Effective Storyteller

9-11 Years
About the playshop

Join UNESCO MGIEP and Crejo.Fun in the #KindnessMatters Global Campaign where kids indulge in a Public Speaking Session - 'I am a Storyteller' and learn how to effectively narrate a story in an engaging manner.

Participants also receive a Certificate for participating in UNESCO MGIEP's Global Campaign #KindnessMatters after attending the Playshop.

  1. Social - Develop Body Language & Communication Skills to sustain conversations with a larger audience.

  1. Physical - Train the vocal cords to articulate a variety of sounds.

  1. Intellectual - Develop decision making by choosing appropriate communication tools depending on the audience, setting & objective.

  1. Creative - Create engaging content using appropriate literary devices for written & oral presentations.

  1. Emotional - Develop confidence with high levels of self-esteem & self-awareness.

Playshop schedule
55 minutes
  • Introduction

    5 minutes

    Facilitator introduces herself and welcomes everyone to the Playshop.

  • Tell a Story

    45 minutes

    Kids learn how to tell a story and become a storyteller.

  • Certificate Information

    5 minutes

    Facilitator shares the information regarding Certificates and tells the kids how to get them by being a part of this Global Campaign.

Requirement - Desktop/Laptop


Requirement - High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

Requirement - A4 Sheets/Notebook

A4 Sheets/Notebook

Requirement - Pen/Pencil


Playshop Partner
Saman Modi

Public Speaking Expert

Saman Modi is a Passionate Educator, Curriculum Designer, Teacher Trainer, Education Researcher & Public Speaker with eight years of experience in the field of Education.

She is certified in inclusive classroom management from International Baccalaureate Professional Development along with puppetry and baking for kids.

A Postgraduate in Teaching English for the Speakers of other languages from TESOL Cannada, Saman is pursuing a Post Doctoral Degree in Education Leadership and Administration from International European University.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Playshop?

Playshops are free workshops that allow children to try their hands at different extracurricular activities so that they can discover something they love and find new interests to pursue!

How can my child register for upcoming FREE Playshops?

Please visit the Playshop listing page on our website to easily register your child for any upcoming event! You can also register for as many Playshops as you like, free of cost!

How can my child join a Playshop?

To join a Playshop that you have registered for, please use the link that will be sent to you on your registered email ID. Alternatively, the session link will be available on the Playshop page once you have completed the registration process.

How can my child join if the Zoom link is full?

As Zoom has an upper limit of 300 attendees, participation via Zoom takes place on a first come first serve basis. In case your child is unable to join via Zoom, you can participate via the live stream of the session on our YouTube channel:

How will my child get the certificate?

To get your certificate, your child will have to submit a picture/video of the outcome of the Playshop on Canvas. Details regarding the same will be shared in the Playshop and will be shared with all registered participants over email.