Dancing to the Tunes of 'Roobaroo'

9-11 Years
About the playshop

Kids dance to the tunes of Bollywood Music by learning the moves of the song 'Roobaroo'.

This #FitIndia Campaign, in association with Northern Command, Indian Army and Crejo.Fun is designed to make the youth fit by incorporating dance into their day-to-day lives.

Participants receive a Certificate from the Indian Army and Crejo.Fun for attending the Playshop.

  1. Social - Learn teamwork & cooperation while dancing with peers

  1. Physical - Build stamina, flexibility, balance, & posture

  1. Intellectual - Improve focus, memory & cognition through musicality & rhythm

  1. Creative - Learn to be creative with gestures, expressions & dance moves

  1. Emotional - Develop the confidence to perform on stage

Playshop schedule
50 minutes
  • Introduction

    5 minutes

    Facilitator introduces herself and welcomes everyone to the Playshop.

  • Warm-Up

    5 minutes

    Kids do a quick warm-up to musical rhythms

  • Groove to Fitness

    30 minutes

    Kids groove their way to fitness by tapping their feet to the song 'Roobaroo'.

  • Cool Down

    5 minutes

    Kids cool down after all the FUN and relax!

  • Certificate Information

    5 minutes

    Facilitator shares the information regarding Certificates and tells the kids how to get them by being a part of this Global Campaign.

Requirement - Desktop/Laptop


Requirement - Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Requirement - Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

Requirement - High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

Requirement - Space to Move Freely

Space to Move Freely

Playshop Partner
Pragyan Behra

Bollywood Dance Expert

Pragyan Behera is a trained fitness and movement explorer with training in Chhau (a folk martial art form). She is also a CID-UNESCO Certified Facilitator and has been facilitating exploratory journeys for both children and adults for the past 4 years.

Her exposure to psychology, mass communications and other performative traditions, bring forth an array of games and activities that wake up the creative genius in her students. She is also trained in jazz, contemporary & belly dance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Playshop?

Playshops are free workshops that allow children to try their hands at different extracurricular activities so that they can discover something they love and find new interests to pursue!

How can my child register for upcoming FREE Playshops?

Please visit the Playshop listing page on our website to easily register your child for any upcoming event! You can also register for as many Playshops as you like, free of cost!

How can my child join a Playshop?

To join a Playshop that you have registered for, please use the link that will be sent to you on your registered email ID. Alternatively, the session link will be available on the Playshop page once you have completed the registration process.

How can my child join if the Zoom link is full?

As Zoom has an upper limit of 300 attendees, participation via Zoom takes place on a first come first serve basis. In case your child is unable to join via Zoom, you can participate via the live stream of the session on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CrejoFun

How will my child get the certificate?

To get your certificate, your child will have to submit a picture/video of the outcome of the Playshop on Canvas. Details regarding the same will be shared in the Playshop and will be shared with all registered participants over email.