Poster Making Playshop

9-12 years

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About the playshop
Together, we'll create a beautiful poster on Nature Conservation using colour pencils and sketch pencils.
  1. Creative skills - Learners gain a deeper understanding of poster making

  1. Intellectual skills - Learners will be exposed to the importance of preserving nature

Playshop schedule
45 minutes
  • Introduction

    5 minutes

    Facilitator introduces herself and displays the end product

  • Demo

    5 minutes

    Facilitator conducts a demo on Poster making

  • Let's Create

    25 minutes

    Facilitator guides the participants and gives instructions accordingly

  • Interaction

    10 minutes

    Participants show their artwork and interact with the facilitator

Requirements - Laptop


Requirements - High speed internet

High speed internet

Requirements - Paper


Requirements - Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Requirements - Sketchpens


Requirements - Colour Pencils

Colour Pencils

Playshop Partner
Nitika Kaushal

Art Expert

Nitika Kaushal is an experienced art facilitator who has a vast knowledge of various art techniques. She likes to take a hands-on approach to working with young kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Playshop?

Playshops are short exploratory sessions that allow children to try their hands at different extracurricular activities to discover something that they love and find new interests to pursue.

How are Playshops priced?

All Playshops are currently free to attend!

What can my child learn in Playshop?

Playshops are offered in dance, arts & crafts, theatre, photography and much more. Please visit to see a list of upcoming Playshop sessions.

What does my child need to attend a Playshop?

A list of requirements for each Playshop can be viewed that Playshop's page. Further, the requirements for a specific Playshop will be communicated to you upon registration. However, the common requirement for all Playshops is a device(desktop, tablet or mobile phone) with a strong internet connection.

Do parents have to be a part of the playshop?

Playshop sessions are designed to be learner-friendly and do not require parents to supervise or be a part of the sessions. In case parents are required to participate in a particular playshop, you will be informed ahead of the session.