Crejo.Fun Art-a-Thon 2021

Shining Star International School, Abu Dhabi (SSIS)

Welcome to the Crejo.Fun Art Gallery! You can view, share and enjoy the works of art created by the students of Shining Star International School, Abu Dhabi (SSIS) here. Congratulations to all the talented young artists who have been featured!

My ideal environment

Fidha, Class 8th

Clean nature

Ahmed Shabin, Class 2nd

My ideal environment

Ridaa Ilyas, Class 2nd

My ideal environment

Varada Vipindas, Class 4th

My village scene

Fiona Jose, Class 4th

Art of environmental peace

Mohammed Kamran Ullah Khan, Class 8th

My clean , green and peaceful environment

Alina Naviwala, Class 8th

My village life

Sameeha Husna Shaik, Class 7th

The earth is in our hands. Work are save the earth with sdg

Mehnoor Nahar Farha, Class 8th

Enjoying green of peace

Mobassera Jannat, Class 5th

My ideal environment

Laureen Linto, Class 2nd

My home my idle environment

M. Vedika, Class 2nd

Dream of green life

Mohammed Mohtasim Hoque, Class 3rd

My ideas on environment

Eshaal Fatima, Class 4th

Save environment

Gagana Sri Melam, Class 4th

My ideal enviroment

Muhammad Abdulgani, Class 4th

It's all in "our hands

Ansh Ayiar, Class 5th

Good old days

Senait Ansari, Class 4th

Beautiful nature

Naylah Fathima, Class 1st

My home

Aayudh Omkar Joshi, Class 2nd

Night dream

Maisie Maria, Class 5th


Aaniya Chauhan, Class 6th

The dream environment

Vaishnavi Biju, Class 8th

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