Crejo.Fun Art-a-Thon 2021

Shiv Nadar School, Noida (SNS)

Welcome to the Crejo.Fun Art Gallery! You can view, share and enjoy the works of art created by the students of Shiv Nadar School, Noida (SNS) here. Congratulations to all the talented young artists who have been featured!


Aaliya Ahmad, Class 4th

The world from my eyes

Vaidehi Pant, Class 4th

Save the planet fluid art

Varalika, Class 2nd

Ideal environment

Kavin Anand, Class 4th

My ideal environment

Tanish Kumar, Class 5th

Save future

Sanan Mowar, Class 4th

Hybrid dinosaur

Aarvin Shani, Class 4th

My neighbourhood

Amay Maheshwari, Class 1st

The fresh and lovely smell of the mountains

Nehmat Kaur, Class 4th

Science and nature meet to turn my dreams into a reality

Aanya Sharma, Class 4th

My ideal environment - stop pollution and indulge in afforestation

Ira Katyal, Class 5th

Wishing tree by amaira singh

Amaira Singh, Class 1st

Blue would

Priyanshi Kumari, Class 3rd

Shades of nature

Nandita Khandelwal, Class 2nd

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