Crejo.Fun Art-a-Thon 2021

Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi (SEPS)

Welcome to the Crejo.Fun Art Gallery! You can view, share and enjoy the works of art created by the students of Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi (SEPS) here. Congratulations to all the talented young artists who have been featured!

My dream, our environment, clean earth

Johan Joseph Savio, Class 5th

Beauty of earth

Mouaiz, Class 5th

My ideal earth

Haya Fathima, Class 6th

My village

Nazriya Binth Nishad, Class 6th

Stopping pollution is the best solution

Mihraza Abdutty Chirakkal, Class 5th

My dream world

Aabis Enam, Class 4th

Save earth save life

Prashun Kumar, Class 2nd

A beautiful world

Rachel Shiju, Class 2nd

Fairy falls

Shara Shabu, Class 2nd

The happy world

Naithan Philip Roshan, Class 2nd

My ideal environment

Tharsithram U, Class 4th

Environment art

Evana Raphy, Class 4th

Go green!

Tamanna Ranjith, Class 5th

My ideal environment

Christy Sumon James, Class 5th

My ideal environment

Elaine Rose Biju, Class 4th

Save earth

Fathima Zahraa, Class 1st

Crejo.Fun art- environmental - gurleen- roll no-12

Gurleen Kaur Padda, Class 1st

Save the trees, save you and me

Fathima Farha, Class 1st

Save nature, environment day poster

Agreen Jayaraj, Class 2nd

Nature blossoms

Diyalakshmi Vipinkanth, Class 2nd

An ideal environment

Fatin A, Class 2nd

Bird in the cage

Sanjana Siva Prasanth, Class 3rd

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