Curriculum Team

Dr. Priya Kumari

Learning and Pedagogy Expert

Dr. Priya is an academician and researcher with over 21 years of professional experience in the K-12 domain. She has a masters in elementary education, early child care and psychology as well as a Phd in education from the RIE (regional institute of education). As a life-long learner, Priya has embarked on an impressive academic journey herself and acquired verified certifications from MITx, Curtin University and UC San Diego among others.

Priya is an expert in holistic education and she has acquired expertise over 15 years through various research partnerships in collaboration with education giants such as NCERT, INTEL, NAAC and COL.

As an educator, her sweeping experience in innovative teaching and learning as well as design thinking enables her to cultivate authentic learning in children that can be tracked through informed assessments.

Rashmi Ramesh

Yoga Expert

Rashmi has over 12 years of experience teaching Yoga, Creative Movement and Dance and Dramatics working extensively with young children both in India and internationally.

She is a certified Yoga teacher with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Himalayas and the Art of Living (Sri Sri Yoga). She also has a teaching faculty degree from Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London and a Diploma in Movement and Mixed Media from Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore. Rashmi is also a trained Bharatanatyam Dancer.

Motivated to popularise the practise of yoga from a young age, she has created a fun and engaging course using elements of stories, music and dance. At Crejo.Fun Rashmi has developed a pedagogy, integrating performing arts with Yoga, to create a fun and unique fitness regime for young learners.

Rashmi Kothari

Arts Expert

With 20+ years of experience in visual arts, communication, and training, Rashmi is an 'art-repreneur' with deep knowledge acquired from working in industries such as education, entertainment, consulting and technology.

Her qualifications in Commerce, Mass Communications and Business Administration from Babson College (MA - USA), coupled with artistic and corporate work experience in India and abroad, inspire her to approach progressive education through creative paths. Her approach leads to holistic development, beyond the scope of conventional training methods and focuses on developing the 21st century educators.

Rashmi is a self taught artist with a Level 4 Professional Artist certification from Pidilite and also, a certified Art Therapy Life Coach. She has dabbled in the realm of art exhibitions and events that hosted prominent artists, collectors, government officials, corporate houses, and media outlets.

Swaroop Kishen

Dance Expert

Swaroop embarked on his journey of performing arts in inarguably one of the coolest professions there is - Street Dance. He is a member of one of the oldest street dance crews of India, The Graffiti Crew. Over the last 8 years he has mastered his craft and won over 50 dance competitions, notably the Channel V IndiaFest. He has also been a judge in multiple inter-college dance festivals in Bangalore. He was also one of the top contestants on the reality show ‘So You Think You Can Dance, India’ and has been featured in commercials for brands like Megamart and Campus Sutra.

As a dance instructor, Swaroop has trained kids in Contemporary, Jazz, Gymnastics, Ballet and Hip Hop and designed street style dance curricula for students ​​from kindergarten to grade 12. He has also choreographed productions at prominent dance academies.

Rama Kale

Learning and Pedagogy Expert

Rama has been an educator for 12 years and has extensive experience in curriculum designing, learning experience design and teacher professional development.

Her passion for teaching drives her to design comprehensive and personalised curriculums incorporating extracurricular activities like music, art and storytelling for early year students. As a linguist herself, Rama founded Little Linguist to develop a love for learning languages among children and created engaging international language courses.

Rama embarked on her career as an educator working with government schools to help improve the accessibility of quality education. Since then, she has devoted herself to the cause through multiple other projects for preschool and primary teachers and parents across different socio-economic backgrounds through her venture ‘School Atlas’.

Her experience with parent-teacher dialogue also extends to guardian support successes in dealing with parent concerns which enables her to work on student development in tandem with parents.

Rakshith R Umesh

Chess Expert

At a young age of 10, Rakshith found an unmatchable love for playing chess. With an illustrious 16 years of experience, Rakshith is a two-time winner of the bronze medal in the National School Games Chess Championship. He has also represented Karnataka at a national level in the Under 14 and Under 17 categories, and participated in more than 10 National Open championships.

He has placed 4th in the Karnataka State level school championship Under 14 category and has also placed 5th in the Karnataka State level school championship Under 17 category. He was selected for Nationals both times.

Rakshith aims to create a passion for chess in children and help parents all over the world realise how much Chess can help improve other aspects of their child’s growth, alongside being the world's most intelligent game to play.

About Crejo.Fun

Crejo.Fun is an online extracurricular learning platform for children that helps them discover their treasures hidden within. Our courses like Art Classes for Kids, Yoga Classes for Kids, Dance Classes for Kids, Hip Hop Dance Classes for Kids, Chess Classes for Kids, Public Speaking Classes for Kids are designed and conducted by experts. Our classes help kids give a voice to their passions. Our sessions are conducted in a fun, immersive, and highly social way.

Teachers at Crejo.Fun are friendly, highly qualified and well-trained. Classes are conducted in small groups of 4 children, so kids get individual attention, proper guidance and feedback. At Crejo.Fun, your child learns valuable skills, like creativity, critical thinking and communication skills among many others. You'll love the way your kids can attend fun classes from the safety & comfort of your home.

At Crejo.Fun, we’re building a platform centered around children and their interests with an aim to create a fun, interactive and engaging holistic learning experience. Because when we learn together, #WeCreateJoy


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