Yoga Tales

About the Course

Explore Yoga with tales of love, friendships and kindness with Cookie the Bird, Gigi the Grasshopper, Kevin the Kangaroo and embark on Gastronomical Food Adventures as we practice breathing exercises to become strong and calm and move through yoga poses that help us become flexible and balanced.

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2 weeks


2 days

per week

45 minutes

each session

Weekly Session Plan
Birds, Bugs & Yoga

A mother for cookie

Cookie, the little yellow bird, is looking for a mother who looks just like her. Will she find a mother in this touching Yoga Story?

It's a Bugs Life

The residents of Bugpur are getting lazier by the day. Will Gigi find a solution to their problems?

Yoga around the World

Gastronomical Yoga Adventures

Say Hola and Guten Tag as we explore food from around the world.

Ouch in my Pouch

Kevin the Kangaroo is kicked out because of an Ouch in his mother's pouch. Will he learn to be independent?

Know about Yoga at Crejo.Fun
SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Share ideas and mingle with like-minded learners in a safe and supportive learning environment

  1. Physical - Build your muscles, develop good posture and build strength and flexibility

  1. Intellectual - Enhance focus, concentration and memory by learning how to tune into your body and thought processes

  1. Creative - Develop creativity by experiencing yoga through your imagination, guided by music and vivid stories

  1. Emotional - Gain valuable tools to manage emotions by finding comfort in uncomfortable situations

Requirement - Laptop


Requirement - Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection

Requirement - Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Requirement - Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

Requirement - Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Our FUN-tastic Facilitators
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my child need prior knowledge of Yoga to be eligible for this course?

Prior training is not necessary to enrol in any course of Crejo.Fun. Our courses are designed to be engaging learning experiences for children of all ages and skill levels

How do you conduct Musical Yoga sessions online?

Musical Yoga sessions are conducted online via the Crejo Funroom. These are live interactive sessions between learners and facilitators.

My child is enrolled in a yoga class in school. How is this different?

These sessions are Integrated Arts-based Learning developed using an amalgamation of Yoga with original music and stories, creative movement, imaginative thinking, drama-based improvisations, breath work and mindfulness. This course is designed to help learners become confident independent thinkers who are more creative and self-aware with a positive outlook towards life.

Do parents need to be around to help out during sessions?

Crejo.Fun sessions have been designed so that learners can independently attend the same. If a specific session requires parental assistance, you will be informed in advance.

Are two sessions a week enough for my child to learn through Yoga?

Yes, two sessions a week is enough to ensure that children are learning and are also able to keep up with other school commitments. We will also provide practice and revision material so that your child can learn outside the classroom.