Yoga Tales 3

About the Course

A continuation of Yoga Tales 2, this course is a learning journey specially designed for young learners at an advanced level who already have a basic understanding of yoga poses, movements and breathwork. We highly recommend attending Yoga Tales 1 & 2 as a preface to Yoga Tales 3.

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12 weeks


2 days

per week

45 minutes

each session

Curriculum Plan
Body Co-ordination

A Yoga Practice with fun Music that will improve our motor skills and body co-ordination, along with asanas such as ardha baddha padmottanasana, viparita trikonasana that allow us to improve our body alignment and body awareness.


Integrated in our Yoga Tales, Yoga Asanas like Ardha Hanumanasana, Upavisthakonasana are taught to work on flexibility of the hamstrings and hip flexors to help us stretch to our maximum.


We strengthen the lungs with breathing exercises like the Fireworks Breath and Flower Breath and learn a fun version of Ashtanga Surya Namaskar to stretch and strengthen the back and core. We also practice core strengthening exercises like parivrtta navkasana to strengthen the core.

Focus & Concentration

Along with practising balancing poses like Utthita Hasta Padangustasana, breathing practises like the figure eight breathing and guided visualisations, we play Yoga Games that allow us to recap all that we have learnt and also test our focus and memory.

Creative Thinking

We explore magical lands and new spaces with creative guided visualisations and express ourselves using our imagination to improve creative thinking.


Through our Yoga Tales of the sheep that saved christmas, I wish I were a unicorn we learn about self love and confidence. We also practice poses such as Svarga Dviajasana & Shalabhasana that focus on understanding body and improving posture.


Through our Yoga Tales of Holly the Chameleon, Hurry Santa, the hibernating bear, we embark on a Yoga Journey of stories about compassion and friendship.

Emotional Regulation

We learn breathing techniques like the fireworks breath and santa claus breath that helps us feel calm and centered and deal with stressful situations.

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SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Improve communication skills by expressing thoughts and emotions.

  1. Physical - Improve stamina, strength, flexibility, posture and overall health & fitness.

  1. Intellectual - Improve attention span, enhance memory & focus with brain games.

  1. Creative - Spark creative & imaginative thinking with yoga activities

  1. Emotional - Regulate emotions & develop self awareness with breathwork. Build empathy through yoga tales.

Requirement - Laptop


Requirement - Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection

Requirement - Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Requirement - Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

Requirement - Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Our FUN-tastic Facilitators
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my child need prior knowledge of Yoga to be eligible for this course?

Prior training is not necessary to enrol in any course of Crejo.Fun. Our courses are designed to be engaging learning experiences for children of all ages and skill levels

How do you conduct Musical Yoga sessions online?

Musical Yoga sessions are conducted online via the Crejo Funroom. These are live interactive sessions between learners and facilitators.

My child is enrolled in a yoga class in school. How is this different?

These sessions are Integrated Arts-based Learning developed using an amalgamation of Yoga with original music and stories, creative movement, imaginative thinking, drama-based improvisations, breath work and mindfulness. This course is designed to help learners become confident independent thinkers who are more creative and self-aware with a positive outlook towards life.

Do parents need to be around to help out during sessions?

Crejo.Fun sessions have been designed so that learners can independently attend the same. If a specific session requires parental assistance, you will be informed in advance.

Are two sessions a week enough for my child to learn through Yoga?

Yes, two sessions a week is enough to ensure that children are learning and are also able to keep up with other school commitments. We will also provide practice and revision material so that your child can learn outside the classroom.