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Have you ever stood up on a stage and delivered a speech in front of hundreds of people? Or better, have you presented your project document on Zoom to certain key people? How anxious and nervous were you while doing that? While the thought of public speaking can make many adults nervous, children might easily overcome this fear by getting exposed to it early in their lives.

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Curriculum Plan
Fundamentals of Public Speaking5 lessons

Learners will learn about the four pillars of Public speaking - Speech content, Memorizing and remembering, Voice modulation and Physical delivery. They will learn to acknowledge and overcome their stage fright. Learn and perform: Introductory speech

Speech Structure6 lessons

Learners will be introduced to the structure of a speech and story - opening, body and closing. They will learn to identify and write key-points for a speech. The learners will also be equipped to write a speech by applying their knowledge of speech structure, audience, setting and speech objective. Learn and perform: Informative speech

Voice Modulation4 lessons

Learners will be introduced the importance of using voice variation in their presentations. They will learn techniques like volume, pace, pause, voice projection to deliver an effective speech. For storytelling and narrative speech, the learners will build character sketches, and accordingly voicing characters based on emotions and situations. Learn and peform: Story reading (Reader's theatre)

Body Language4 lessons

Learners will learn about importance of using appropriate body language in speech delivery and story narration. They will use befitting facial expressions, hand movements and body movements depending on the speech content or story characters. Learn and peform: Story narration

Performing on a Stage5 lessons

Learners will gear up for their performance and learn to deal with pre-performance anxiety. They will write their own speech, mark-up the speech script, understand the voice variety tools and body language to be used for the speech and finally present their own speech! Learn and peform: Narrative speech

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  • 48 Speaking secrets
  • 30+ Voice training exercises
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SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Develop communicative skills to initiate and sustain conversations and address a larger audience using appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues.

  1. Physical - Train the vocal chord to articulate a variety of sounds.

  1. Intellectual - Develop decision making by choosing between communication tools depending on the audience and objective of the presentation.

  1. Creative - Create engaging content using appropriate literary devices in written and oral presentation.

  1. Emotional - Develop confident individuals with high levels of self-esteem and self confidence.



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