Indian Sign Language

About the Course

Designed by experienced Indian Sign Language experts, this course inculcates creativity and communication skills in learners to create a fun and memorable learning experience. This will help learners in the 9-14 year old age range develop a firm foundation of psychological benefits such as higher confidence...

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2 sessions

per week

45 minutes

per session

4 Learners

per Batch

What you'll get

Live Feedback in Funroom

Get personal feedback of your child’s development from our facilitators.

Resources for Practice

Session summary, practice video and session recording.

Weekly Session Plan
Back to Basics

Lesson 1

Introduction to ISL (Indian Sign Language). Learn the alphabets and numbers in a new way.

Lesson 2

Let's communicate like you have never before by learning greetings and gestures in sign language. Learn the art of connecting words to form sentences in sign language

Knock Knock!

Lesson 3

Let's have fun with trivia and learn how to use positive sentences.

Lesson 4

Learn how to make question sentences and introduce yourself to other learners using sign language.

Holistic SPICE Development
Enables learners to communicate and express effectively in social situations, improves parent-child bonding.
Engages muscle memory which helps retain words and other senses involved in learning.
Improves cognitive processes in learners which result in improved intellectual thinking, problem-solving ability, active listening, and academic performance.
Sign language is a creative form of communication that improves abstract and creative thinking as well as comprehension.
Learning sign language builds empathy in learners towards the speech and hearing impaired.


Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection



Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Sketchpens, Color Pencils

Sketchpens, Color Pencils

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What age groups do you offer courses for?

The age groups vary across courses. We group learners who are 2-3 years apart in age into batches to ensure that they experience age-appropriate extracurricular learning. You can use the ‘age’ filter on the ‘course selection’ page to view an age-appropriate course for your child.

Why learn extracurricular activities?

We believe extracurricular activities are not ‘extra’, but crucial tools that help children develop well-rounded personalities. They get children equipped with diverse skill sets that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.

How can my child attend a session on Crejo.Fun?

To sign up for a free trial, please visit the course of your choice and follow the instructions to book a free trial today. Once booked, the session will be listed under ‘upcoming sessions’ on your profile and your child can join the session by clicking that link.

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You can filter courses based on your child’s age in the ‘Courses’ section on You can choose the course that you are interested in, and follow the instructions to make your purchase. You will be required to provide your child’s name, age, gender and choose the start day/time that works for you, and then proceed to complete your payment.