Summer Swing Hip Hop Dance Camp

6-8 years

18 sessions


4 days

per week

45 minutes

each session

About the Course

This summer, let your child take their Hip Hop dance skills to the next level with-minded the Summer Swing Hip Hop Dance camp.


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Weekly Session Plan
Better When I'm Dancing

Jazz slide when I'm dancing

Glide along the floor like you're skating using the move Jazz Slide

Rolly Polly when I'm dancing

Get your arms moving and grooving with the dance step Rolly Polly

Whip & Nae Nae when I'm dancing

Groove to the music using the popular Hip Hop dance moves Whip & Nae Nae

Cha Cha when I'm dancing

Shake your hips and arms while doing the super fun Cha Cha

Dancing When I'm Happy

Boogie when I'm dancing

Have fun with the super fun Body Boogie Dance

Feel better when I'm dancing

Put all the moves learnt together and dance to the song 'Better When I'm Dancing'

Happiness in the sky

Explore creative dance movement through objects in the sky!

Happy when I clap - 1

Clap your hands while moving and grooving with the dance step Celebrate

Happiness Is The Truth

Happy when I clap - 2

Groove to the music using Jazz Hands

Because I'm happy

Get your feet moving with the famous Jazz Square

Happy when I shimmy

Have fun with the super fun dance move, the Shimmy

Happiness is dancing!

Put all the moves learnt together and dance to the song Happy

The Other Side

The other side of spinning

Learn to do some super fun spins on the floor

Clouds on the other side

Get your feet moving and learn to be light on your feet

Slow motion on the other side

Move your body in slow motion to the tunes of music

Pose on the other side

Hit some super cool and super fun poses while you express yourself

The Other Side Of Dance

The other side of Criss Cross

Have fun with the super fun Hip Hop move, the Criss Cross

The other side of dancing

Put your moves together and dance to the song The Other Side

SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Interact, mingle and bond with like-minded learners in a safe and supportive learning environment

  1. Physical - Build physical skills like strength, dexterity, kinesthetic memory, cardiovascular health, and more through movement

  1. Intellectual - Enhance focus, concentration and memory by improvising and creating long dance sequences

  1. Creative - Deploy creative skills to create new movements derived from strong fundamentals

  1. Emotional - Co-create a supportive community of other like-minded learners through collaboration

Requirement - Space to move freely

Space to move freely

Requirement - Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection

Requirement - Comfortable Clothing

Comfortable Clothing

Requirement - Comfortable Sneakers

Comfortable Sneakers

Requirement - Laptop


Parent’s voices
Easy RefundCancel Anytime100% Refund on unused classes
Flexible ScheduleConvenient TimingsRescheduling options available
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Summer Camp different from a course?

Crejo.Fun Summer Camp is a short(1 month) learning experience designed to leverage the summer vacations to expose learners to a broad variety of topics through extracurricular activities.

What will children learn in Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is designed to be an experiential learning programme that exposes children to a broad range of real-world topics leveraging Dance, Visual Arts and Yoga as mediums of facilitation. Summer Camp has been built with the intent of building life skills in learners over the holidays as they prepare for the next academic year.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

In case your child has to discontinue the course they have signed up for, we will issue a 100% refund for all the remaining sessions in that course.

Do I get a discount if I purchase more than one Summer Camp?

Yes! Please write to us at once you have made a purchase of multiple Summer Camps to avail your discount.

What is the duration of a Summer Camp?

In a Summer Camp, your child will participate in 18 learning sessions spread out over the course of a month(4.5 weeks)