About the Course

The course is designed from the basics of the chequered board, moves, strategies, and tactics to win the game.

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12 weeks


2 days

per week

60 minutes

each session

Curriculum Plan
Introduction & Rules of Chess4 lessons

Introduction to chess and rules regarding movement of pieces and special moves.

Fundamental Knowledge5 lessons

Fundamentals of chess and the basic understanding of the advanced rules and how a game ends.

Basic Strategy3 lessons

How a game is played and its objectives.

Opening Strategies3 lessons

The beginning of the game, where we use basic techniques to put our pieces in proper squares.

Middlegame Strategies4 lessons

The middde part of the game, which involves tactics, tricks and strategy.

Endgame Strategies3 lessons

Deals with the last stage of a chess game, and also the various techniques of winning the game.

Online Tournaments2 lessons

Play tournaments to test the knowledge of moves, rules, tactics, tricks and strategies of the game.

SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Collaborate and participate in discussions around strategic moves and unite over a common bond & passion for the game.

  1. Physical - Improve coordination, motor function and dexterity to demonstrate different moves of the game.

  1. Intellectual - Develop planning, foresight, problem-solving skills and enhance visual & analytical memory, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, focus & concentration alongside.

  1. Creative - Develop a sense of intuition, foster creativity and enhance imagination while designing the type of moves, plans, and tactics to play the game.

  1. Emotional - Learn to win with grace, develop confidence & heightened self-esteem, remain calm under pressure and improve patience, persistence, resilience and coping capacity as one learns from losses in the game.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my child need to have prior knowledge of chess to be eligible for the course?

Prior knowledge of chess is not required to enrol into the course. Our course is designed to help learners commence their learning from the basics of the game in order to have a strong foundation for playing chess online with players across the globe.

What is the age group for which the course on chess has been designed?

The course on chess has been designed for learners in age groups 6-8 years and 9-11 years.

My child already knows a bit about the game. Can he/she join the course?

Certainly your child can join the course. During the trial session, the expert facilitator shall gauge the level of knowledge of the child in the application of the knowledge of the basics of the game and suggest the right level of entry into the course.

Does my child require a chessboard to enrol into the session?

No. A learner does not require a chessboard as the learner would be playing chess online.

Why learn chess on Crejo.Fun?

Crejo.Fun has designed the course on chess in collaboration with an internationally acclaimed coach who has coached 6 national teams including India Youth Team. The team of experts in collaboration with the coach have handcrafted the course for various age groups. The facilitators of the course are accomplished Chess players.