Elements of Art

About the Course

In this course, we will explore the elements of art such as line, shapes, colours and perspectives.

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2 weeks


2 days

per week

55 minutes

each session

Weekly Session Plan
Fun with lines, colours, and shapes

Incredible Tags

Make way for Britto in your name.

Meeting Miro

Let’s go surreal with shapes!

Fun with grids and portraits

Humming Along

Rendezvous with an Adorable Humming

Portrait and Profile

Discover the differences between a portrait and a profile.

Certificate on Course Completion
SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Share ideas and mingle with like-minded learners in a safe and supportive learning environment

  1. Physical - Build and refine gross and fine motor skills by learning new techniques and developing a habit of consistent practice

  1. Intellectual - Creating art not only provides skills for self

  1. Creative - Leapfrog creative skills by tapping into your imagination and bringing your visions to life through different mediums

  1. Emotional - Learn how to express yourself visually and reflect on your creative process to improve your skills as an artist

Requirement - Laptop


Requirement - Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection

Requirement - A4 White Sheets or Drawing Book

A4 Sheet or Drawing Book

Requirement - Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Requirement - Sketchpens & Colour Pencils

Sketchpens, Color Pencils

Requirement - Paint & Paintbrush

Paint & Paintbrush

Requirement - Water & Rag

Water, Rag

Our FUN-tastic Facilitators
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my child need prior art education to be eligible for this course?

Prior training is not necessary to enrol in any course of Crejo.Fun. Our courses are designed to be engaging learning experiences for children of all ages and skill levels

How do you conduct Art and Craft sessions online?

Art and Craft sessions are conducted online via the Crejo Funroom. These are live interactive sessions between learners and expert facilitators.

My child is enrolled in an art class in school. How is this different?

Your child’s understanding of the fundamentals of art will be bolstered and strengthened through this course by going into a level of detail that they typically do not have access to in-school art sessions

Do parents need to be around to help out during sessions?

Crejo.Fun sessions have been designed so that learners can independently attend the same. If a specific session requires parental assistance, you will be informed in advance.

Are two sessions a week enough for my child to learn Art and Craft?

Yes, two sessions a week is enough to ensure that children are learning and are also able to keep up with other school commitments. We will also provide practice and revision material so that your child can learn outside the classroom.