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Trial Session Details

Duration : 60 minutes
  • Introduction

    5 minutes

    Essential agreements and getting acquainted

  • Name Art - Elements Of Art

    40 minutes

    How many elements of art can you use in your name?

  • Wrap Up

    5 minutes

    Reflection, feedback, and sign-off!

  • Parent Interaction

    10 minutes

    Curriculum structure and course details interaction with parents


Water colours or Poster colors

Coloured Sketchpens

Colour pencils

Coloured pencils

Black marker

Black marker

Requirement - Art Book/A-4 sheet

A4 sheet or Artbook

Lead pencil

Lead pencil

Requirement - Eraser

Eraser and Ruler

Laptop and stable internet connection

Laptop and stable internet connection

The Child you want trial session for

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