Art & Craft 1: Draw, Paint and more

Techniques of Art
Unique Artworks
Elements of Art
About the Course

Art & Craft with Crejo.Fun is not just another online art Class! This course has been designed by art and pedagogy experts to align with the United Nations 21st Century Framework to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills in learners.

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12 weeks


2 days

per week

55 minutes

each session

Curriculum Plan
Lines all the way6 lessons

The focus of this unit is a key element of art: line. We will learn the concepts of contours, cross-contours, organic and geometric lines and shapes. Techniques such as doodle, one point perspective, scratch art, optical illusion, implied textures will be introduced. Artist Gustav Klimt's art style - Art Nouveau Style - and Indian folk art Madhubani will be created by learners.

Theory of Colours3 lessons

This unit is a play of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Mid century art, aboriginal art, and colour spells are covered in the lessons. Art with geometry measuring instruments and dot painting will be the art outcomes of this unit.

Add Value to Colour6 lessons

The values in colours are enhanced with shades, tones and tints, which is the focus of this unit. Landscapes, Serrated art, abstract, and figuratives are the concepts taught in this unit. Agamograph, Monochrome, Blends, and Mixmedia are the techniques that culminate into four unique artworks.

Touch of Textures3 lessons

This unit is all about textures. The concepts of visual texture, actual texture, implied texture, and dense textures are covered. Techniques, such as, Collagraph, Salt art, and mixed media are used to create extraordinary artworks.

Art of Space5 lessons

Space and form are often used but seldom discussed. Concepts of positive and negative space, 2D and 3D shapes are a few of the concepts of this unit. Silhoutte art, and Notan art are some of the techniques covered in this unit.

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What your Child will Create
SPICE Benefits
  1. Social - Enhance collaboration & communication skills alongside developing a progressive mindset.

  1. Physical - Refine pincer grip and dexterity to demonstrate techniques of art.

  1. Intellectual - Enhance visualisation & estimation skills alongside comprehension of concepts & techniques of art.

  1. Creative - Develop rich imagination, interpretation, exploration and experimentation skills to create artistic impressions.

  1. Emotional - Acknowledge and regulate emotions as self-expression through art.

Laptop or Tablet

Laptop or Tablet

Strong Internet Connection

Strong Internet Connection

A4 Sheet or Drawing Book

A4 Sheet or Drawing Book

Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Pencil, Eraser & Ruler

Sketchpens, Colour Pencils

Sketchpens, Colour Pencils

Paint & Paintbrush

Paint & Paintbrush

Water, Rag

Water, Rag

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my child need prior art education to be eligible for this course?

Prior training is not necessary to enrol in any course of Crejo.Fun. Our courses are designed to be engaging learning experiences for children of all ages and skill levels

How do you conduct Art and Craft sessions online?

Art and Craft sessions are conducted online via the Crejo Funroom. These are live interactive sessions between learners and expert facilitators.

My child is enrolled in an art class in school. How is this different?

Your child’s understanding of the fundamentals of art will be bolstered and strengthened through this course by going into a level of detail that they typically do not have access to in-school art sessions

Do parents need to be around to help out during sessions?

Crejo.Fun sessions have been designed so that learners can independently attend the same. If a specific session requires parental assistance, you will be informed in advance.

Are two sessions a week enough for my child to learn Art and Craft?

Yes, two sessions a week is enough to ensure that children are learning and are also able to keep up with other school commitments. We will also provide practice and revision material so that your child can learn outside the classroom.