Two creative and enjoyable ways to spend time with your child this weekend

Between online school and Zoom yoga and art, children have been plugged into their devices for months. While they may be acting as if these devices are extensions of their limbs and unwilling to let go of them, it’s easy to get them to engage with family members and actual reality even as they hold on to their mobiles for dear life. 

  1. Have them make fun ‘How to’ videos

First, think about what it is that your kid knows how to do really well. Perhaps origami animals or baking cookies or certain yoga asanas or somersaults. Have them film a video showing you how they do it – their very own ‘How to’ video. 

  1. Plan an enjoyable, creative film-making and podcast hosting session together

Maybe they love performing, and enjoy telling jokes or narrating stories or reciting poems. They can film their own acts or even a stand-up comedy show or a puppet show, and share it with friends or family or upload it on YouTube. 

A great way to get siblings to engage with each other would be to make their own movies and podcasts together. They could select their favorite scene from a story book, enact it either themselves or using Lego characters (their very own Lego movie!) or homemade puppets, and shoot it together. For podcasts, they could talk about interesting and/or ridiculous topics of their choice like ‘what if cats ruled the Earth?’ or narrate stories with voices and sound effects. 

Once you get them started on any one of these activities, it will likely end up becoming a fun weekend family tradition that keeps your child’s curiosity and creativity bulbs lit at all times. 

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