The Upside to Your Child’s Increased Screen Time

The best part about an uptick in everyone’s screen time, including that of children’s, has been the quality of online learning and the variety of activities available: from live dance classes with an instructor on a different continent to cooking lessons with celebrities, everything is within easy reach. Instead of worrying about the adverse impact, we are here to bring out the upside to this increase in our children’s engagement with the digital screen. 

Helps retain a sense of connection 

Staying indoors for long periods without seeing new people can feel lonely and stifling. Facetime with their grandma or an activity with a friend from a summer camp they never thought they would see again can do wonders for a child’s social skills. It also brings a sense of comfort and joy that is different from when kids interact with the same people daily. 

Great way to develop new skills 

Given the choices in programming available to kids today, your child can watch cartoons in various languages, take dance lessons from a ballerina in another country or watch a live stream of animals in a zoo. They can switch to audio content and hear stories in the form of a podcast or an audiobook, introducing them to new ideas in an engaging way. Similarly, several multiplayer games that are child-friendly can teach them a lot about teamwork and collaboration. These experiences are more immersive and wholesome and can stimulate their creativity [if done in moderation?].

Offers more ways to build conversational skills 

Another perk of multiple activities available online is the many options and ways to engage with other people. From multiplayer games to coloring activities in tandem, children can perform a host of activities with a companion online. It can serve as a tool for children who are shy or reserved. It offers them the option to engage in an activity instead of a conversation that may sometimes trigger anxiety in children. By watching a movie with a friend from school or learning to color, they can still bond and engage in a friendship. Bonus, this saves you the trouble of organizing an entire in-person playdate! 

Learn about other cultures and people around the world 

Exposing them to T.V shows, videos, and songs in other languages can build their familiarity with global cultures. It is an opportunity  to introduce them to a world outside of their home and identity. The internet offers them a glimpse into many experiences, which they wouldn’t get otherwise, like watching animals that aren’t native to their country on live-cam, taking an art lesson with someone who speaks English differently, or a sub-titled episode of a foreign language movie or show. Moreover, it helps them recognize that despite our difference in physical appearances, we are all connected by an interest in similar hobbies, music, or food. 

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