Three easy ways to choose the right dance style for your child

Given the vast array of dancing styles to choose from and the general fickle – mindedness of young children, finding the right dance style for your child can be a real challenge. We have put together an approach that can make arriving at the right decision an enjoyable and fun affair for both you and your child. 

  1. Begin with what interests your child:

You could show them video clips of different dance styles and gauge their enthusiasm and interest based on their reaction to each. If possible, you could even take them to some local performances being put up by dance groups to give them a sense of what it entails and what would be required of them. Regardless of their age, be sure to discuss their thoughts and opinions around each and arrive at a decision together. They are more likely to participate willingly, even when the going gets tough, when they have a personal interest and feel a sense of ownership in having chosen the type of dance they eventually end up learning.

  1. Role of dance in your child’s present and future life:

Maybe your child wants to take up dance competitively or foresees it as a possible career path and dreams of making it big in the dance performance world. In such a scenario, classical Indian dance forms, ballet, or even tap dance would make for great choices. Or perhaps they just want to enjoy themselves, burning excess energy in the process. Hip-hop and Jazz would be right up their alley. 

  1. Your own goals for your child

You might also need to consider your own goals for them. Do you want them to work on their posture and want them to be more disciplined in general in life? Or do you want them to have fun and learn to express themselves creatively? Discuss your goals with your child and encourage them to share their own with you. Arrive at a mutually agreeable goal or set of goals that would make the choice of dance form all the more easier for you both.

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