Five podcasts for children that develop their curiosity and imagination

We find ourselves constantly reaching for our cell phones, computers, and television screens to entertain us while we stay indoors and limit our time outdoors and in public, so it is not surprising when children do the same by watching netflix/ sticking to their video games. A great alternative to reducing bad screen time while leveraging technology is to play podcasts for children. Whether as soothing background audio to help them fall asleep or a way to keep your child engaged while parents work, these five podcasts are sure to entertain and inform both you and your child. 

The below listed podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and 

  1. Wow in the World Podcast

Appropriate for children above the age of six. 

NPR’s Guy Raz teams up with Mindy Thomas, a specialist in children’s radio to bring you this lively and engaging podcast about science, technology, and innovation. Each episode opens with an old-school cartoony musical intro and takes listeners, both young and old, on an adventure. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself learning new facts about snails, bats, or even the science of laughter!

  1.  Ear Snacks

Appropriate for children of all ages.

If you are looking for something lighthearted, humor and culture-driven, Ear Snacks hosted by Andrew and Polly is for your child and you. The structure is a lot looser in terms of plot but full of humorous sketches and surprising bits of information. You can play this for multiple children at once as it’s set up to be like a live radio show for an audience instead of a concentrated effort for one listener. 

  1. Circle Round 

Appropriate for children above the age of four. 

If you recall the early days of Nickelodeon, then the tone and pace of this will be familiar to you. Another one from NPR but hosted by parents of small children, this podcast adapts folktales for radio with sound, music, and special care for those with limited attention spans. Each episode reflects on emotionally intelligent themes like kindness, courage, and/or strength. 

  1. Warrior Kid Podcast 

Appropriate for children above the age of ten.

Jocko Wilkins is also known as Uncle Jake in the series answers questions about staying healthy, leading a disciplined life, and tackling lessons on leadership skills at a young age. A retired navy seal, this podcast is specifically for parents looking to introduce discipline and leadership guidance early into their child’s life. It may not strike a chord immediately, so we suggest listening to the first few episodes together to gauge your child’s interest before diving in further. 

  1. Eleanor Amplified

Appropriate for children above the age of six. 

An adventure series that’s sure to have you and your child on the edge of your seat. Designed to be an episodic radio drama, Eleanor, the protagonist, is a radio reporter, engaged in the pursuit of truth. It’s equal parts entertaining and informative, dramatized with exciting sound effects, emotions, and dialogues. It will help children appreciate the nitty gritty of journalism and understand what it means to make informative media choices. 

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