Five Creative Ways to spend Mother’s Day this year

Did you know that there was a ‘Mothering Day’ in the UK even in the Middle Ages? Children as young as ten would leave their homes and go to work somewhere far away and would return home on the fourth Sunday of the festival of Lent to be with their mothers and get together with the family. This practice is now called Mother’s day. 

The United States, on the other hand, was inspired by Anna Jarvis, who held a memorial service for her mother on 12th May, 1907. It was Woodrow Wilson, the American President from 1913 – 1921, who declared that Mother’s Day would be a national holiday. 

Since then, a number of countries have adopted this wonderful, beautiful tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day. This year and last year have been tough on families living far apart, and while you might be living far away from your mom and unable to actually spend the day with her, there are creative ways to nonetheless make her feel special and for you two to bond. Here are five such unique ways to show your mom how much you love her:

Sign your mom up for an online activity class 

There are a plethora of online activity classes available to cater to every interest ever expressed. She may not have shown any active interest in learning it so far, but you know how much she enjoys it and might love taking it on further. Maybe you have heard her humming through the years – you could sign her up for online music classes. What better way to show her that you know her heart’s desire? What would make it even better is if you signed up along with her. It is a great way to spend time with her and share in her joy.

Have a movie marathon Mother’s day

Mother’s day falls on a Sunday. If you are away from home, you could set up a movie marathon on Mother’s day. Pick her favorites, subscribe for the movies, if necessary and watch it with her from wherever you are. Technology is amazing that way. You can both watch the same movies from different locations.

Arrange the day free from chores

Give your mom a break from the daily chores. Have her favorite foods delivered or get other members of the family to prepare all her meals starting with that first cup of coffee or tea. One day completely free from thinking of what to cook, what to eat, or how many to cook for would be deeply appreciated moms everywhere. 

Call her friends up and Zoom her a Mother’s Day Party

Thanks to Zoom, we can now throw her a Zoom party. Set aside a couple of hours in the evening, call up her friends and family, have them all log into a Zoom call and make it a celebration of all the moms of the group. 

Get your mom on to Audibles

If your mom loves to read, and simply doesn’t find the time or the quiet corner where she can spend hours reading, Audibles are here to save the day. An annual subscription of Audible and a list of books from her favorite authors will be thoroughly enjoyed and you would make it a year-long celebration for your mom.

Mother’s Day – designated for appreciating our moms

In the daily runarounds our lives have become, at times we tend to forget all that our moms have given us through the years. It is good to have this one day of the year when we can pause and reflect how much to be thankful for, and whom to thank! 

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