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Five podcasts for children that develop their curiosity and imagination

We find ourselves constantly reaching for our cell phones, computers, and television screens to entertain us while we stay indoors and limit our time outdoors and in public, so it is not surprising when children do the same by watching netflix/ sticking to their video games. A great alternative to reducing bad screen time while […]

Earth Day Special: The Resilience Of Mother Earth And How It Can Inspire Our Children

If we give it a chance, life will always find a way. Here are 4 instances of nature reclaiming and humans restoring land to its rightful prosperity The trees have been replaced by buildings, the sparrows don’t visit anymore, and the air isn’t nearly as pure as it once was. It is heartbreaking to see […]

The Upside to Your Child’s Increased Screen Time

The best part about an uptick in everyone’s screen time, including that of children’s, has been the quality of online learning and the variety of activities available: from live dance classes with an instructor on a different continent to cooking lessons with celebrities, everything is within easy reach. Instead of worrying about the adverse impact, […]

How A Multilingual Brain Can Benefit Your Child

“Bonjour!” “Hello!” “Namaste!” If you can understand what each of these greetings means, chances are that you speak more than one language. However, did you know that simply knowing multiple languages can help your brain function better? Over the years, scientists have discovered that children who learn multiple languages gain several cognitive, social, and emotional […]

Four fun ways to foster reading habits in children

Dr. Seuss said it best “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Reading to our children, and all the conversations it leads to, helps them make better sense of their world and their own lives. Reading sparks the imagination, builds curiosity, […]

The musical way to inspire your child’s interest in Mathematics

Music and mathematics are two sides of the same coin. While it’s only in recent years that scientific studies have shown how music can help children understand and remember mathematical concepts better, this relationship between music and mathematics is one that has existed for centuries.  So, let’s time travel back to Ancient Greece to  understand […]

The Learning Power of Play

Play is the most positive avenue to assist children’s development, thus it’s time we gave playful learning its rightful place within the educational system As parents, we try to read all the right books, ask the right questions and do our research to make sure our children get everything they need to be healthy, happy […]

Three creative ways to maintain your child’s social outlets and social skills during this pandemic

Pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we learn, work, and socialise today, leading to some of the largest educational and medicinal  innovation experiments in the history of humankind. It has ushered in an entirely new way of being for all of us, bringing us face to face with unprecedented challenges, one of the more pressing ones […]

The Importance of teaching our children to fail

Why failure is not a setback but another trial in the process of “try, try, until you succeed” Did you know that before Walt Disney became a phenomenal success with not just Mickey Mouse, but also Disneyland, he faced huge failures? He lost his own creation, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He also faced bankruptcy. He […]

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