Month: June 2021

Importance of starting yoga young

Balance is not something you find one day, it’s something you create over time. It’s not an end goal to achieve, it takes time and practise to create because it can look different for everyone.  Physical exercise, a balanced diet and getting eight hours of sleep are considered staples of a healthy lifestyle. It’s a […]

How to get children excited about yoga

The biggest takeaway from my school experience was that it’s not really about what teachers taught us; it was more about how they taught it to us. The only lessons I remember so well are the ones where teachers were passionate about the subject and always excited to share knowledge with us. The classes that […]

Yoga asanas that can improve your child’s flexibility

By training the body to hold different poses your child can improve their flexibility. Here are 5 asanas to start with Stretching increases blood flow to all parts of our body and prevents aches and pains that creep up unexpectedly from holding us back. Teaching children to pay attention to their bodies and working on flexibility […]

5 effective ways to deal with Pandemic Parenting Challenges

It affects us all- here are some things you can do to cope with the parenting made by the pandemic-led upheaval  For the past year, the world in which we live, mingle, work, play and learn has been turned upside down. Aside from the fear of this invisible threat that continues to have a devastating […]

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