Month: April 2021

The Upside to Your Child’s Increased Screen Time

The best part about an uptick in everyone’s screen time, including that of children’s, has been the quality of online learning and the variety of activities available: from live dance classes with an instructor on a different continent to cooking lessons with celebrities, everything is within easy reach. Instead of worrying about the adverse impact, […]

Earth Day Special: The Resilience Of Mother Earth And How It Can Inspire Our Children

If we give it a chance, life will always find a way. Here are 4 instances of nature reclaiming and humans restoring land to its rightful prosperity The trees have been replaced by buildings, the sparrows don’t visit anymore, and the air isn’t nearly as pure as it once was. It is heartbreaking to see […]

The 5 Best Musical Artists for Children to Listen to

Over the course of history, there have been several musical artists whose creative endeavors not only served to entertain but also, to educate. Children, in particular, can benefit greatly from listening to these greats as their music can serve as a foundation to understanding cultural practices around the world, and inspire children to develop a […]

How children can be creatively inspired by Mother Nature

Are you looking for creative inspiration? Look no further. It’s all around you. The wonder of Nature is that it is not only inspiring, but also calming and refreshing.  While it is a challenge to find glimpses of Nature in an urban area with so many concrete structures and ever increasing population, it is still […]

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