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SPICE skills



Learning Journeys

Progressive learning journeys designed and delivered by experts


  • Yoga exploration through creative movement, music and stories.
  • Develops your child’s strength, flexibility and cultivates mindfulness.

Age 4-14 Years

Art & Craft

  • An exploration of the elements and principles of arts.
  • Develops your child’s creativity, self-expression and eye for detail.

Age 6-11 Years


  • Learning journeys built around exciting rhythms and creative movement.
  • Boosts your child’s balance, focus and kinesthetic memory.

Age 4-14 Years


  • A deep dive into fundamental rules, moves and principles of chess.
  • Develops problem solving, logical reasoning and improves memory and concentration.

Age 6 - 11 years

Public Speaking

  • An exploration of the fundamental tenets of public speaking
  • Develops articulation & self-expression and boosts confidence

Age 9 - 11 years

We reimagine learning to help your child experience holistic development


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Theme Based Creative Movement

4 - 6 years

We'll add new batches soon!

Lets Learn House Street Dance

6 - 8 years

We'll add new batches soon!

Winter Special Snowman Craft

6 - 8 years

We'll add new batches soon!

Learn the Basics of Karate

9 - 12 years

We'll add new batches soon!

Spice Development

Our Learning


Learning at Crejo.Fun is geared towards holistic development of SPICE skills through fun and engaging activities.


Constructive collaboration and interaction develop observation skills, active listening and empathy.


Learning and practicing new movements enhance abilities like strength, flexibility and kinesthetic memory.


Independent learning abilities are boosted by fostering critical thinking skills.


Imagination, experimentation and experiential learning forms new connections and boosts learner creativity.


Self-reflection and mindfulness practices expands learners’ emotional intelligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Crejo.Fun?

Crejo.Fun is an online platform for learning extra-curricular activities. Courses are facilitated LIVE by best-in-class facilitators in a fun and interactive environment.

What can my child learn on Crejo.Fun?

At present, your child can choose between courses on Yoga, Hip Hop Dance and Visual Arts on Crejo.Fun. We are working on offering many more courses. You can sign up to be notified about new courses as they become available.

Are sessions live or pre-recorded?

Each session is conducted live by our expert facilitators. Sessions are conducted in our custom-built Funroom (virtual classroom designed for integrated learning). Sessions are conducted in small groups (<5) allowing the facilitator to give individual attention to each learner.

What is the language of instruction on Crejo.Fun?

All sessions on Crejo.Fun are conducted in English.

How can I purchase a course on Crejo.Fun?

You can filter courses based on your child’s age in the ‘Courses’ section on You can choose the course that you are interested in, and follow the instructions to make your purchase. You will be required to provide your child’s name, age, gender and choose the start day/time that works for you, and then proceed to complete your payment.